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Object Series Collapsed

Within the Object Series a new line emerged; Collapsed.

I still see myself sitting in my studio, overwhelmed and touched by all that is going on in our world, far away and nearby. Wondering, what is my role, what is it I bring to this world?  That feeling made me push and slap my shapes, as a visual expression of vulnerability and powerlessness.

I glaze the works with terra sigillata, brushing with attention and rubbing until a sheer shine appears on the surface. Comforting myself through these acts.
Where the Object Series in its formal supermatte black maybe seem to be more about control, a more formal research, the Collapsed  Serie is evolving to more freedom in form and expression of emotions. On the edge of balance, what the clay itself can endure I build these works.

Collapsed is a poetic translation of the Collapsing world and environment around us.

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