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Object Series #1 to #100

Two years ago I gave myself the following assignment: use a cube, a sphere and a frame to create 100 objects.
Goal: avoid the trap of working from technical skills (making what the head has thought of).

Currently at # 83 (Object Series and Collapsed)

The number 100 is important because at the starting point it felt like that number opened the way to an endless, almost unfeasible series of objects. Exactly this heaviness causes me to research by making.

Making and creating in freedom, with my hands rather than my head. To keep an inner process going. All the obvious have to be made before new work can emerge.
The inspiration I find in this assignment lays in form and content, in asking questions. What is form or formalism (or how rooted in Dutch formalism legacy am I?) Is a cube still a cube when it has collapsed? Can I use more spheres?
The perspective this assignment brings serves my own purpose first: making, so that my own boundaries are broken down, questioned. And a next step has to be made.

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