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verkade album

A story told on a tile tableau, about dreams, a new plan, rebuilding, cooperation and, above all, enthusiasm. Here on the wall you can still find the old binders and the doorbell of Bis, the coffee cups at Kepler, the very first performance in a not yet renovated Verkadefabriek. Architekt Hubert-Jan Henket (the architect) in a t-shirt. The council meeting where the final decision was made and of course the Verkade girls of old. Too much to mention, but perhaps the pictures will pique your curiosity….

In 2004 the Verkade Factory opened its doors in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.


Tiles with white glossy glaze by Mosa. On top of that transfers (made of photos screen-printed with a grid) made by SDL productions.

Fired at 1060 C