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still lamps

Lamps with a simple shape made of a high quality material, Bone China, a type of porcelain fired at 1260 C becomes transparent. Because of the simple shape, they are beautiful in pairs or separately but can also be used in larger assemblies. I myself have them hanging in my kitchen!

The decoration on the caps of lampshade Still/Words for lunchroom VF Heinen I made with a wordcloud from the book Stadskronieken written by Erik Alink. A reference to the bookstore next door and the will of the Boschen people and some entrepreneurs not to let Boekhandel Heinen be lost because of the debacle with Polare. Kudos!

At Verkadefabriek in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the question was; how do you make it clear where the restaurant area is and how do you light it properly? By hanging lamp ceiling Still/Flowers in a clear grid. Under this grid the tables can stand anywhere and the lights make that part of Verkade feel homely. The decoration is derived from an antique Delft blue decoration.

Bone China porcelain with transparent glaze, 1260 C fired. Then I apply a transfer and fire the work again at 860 C. I cast the caps in plaster molds, as thin as possible. A slight deformation may occur when firing.

The ceiling ball is pottery clay with black glossy glaze, fired at 1060 C. I supply the caps ready to use with a gray ‘iron’ cord.

dimensions cap: 14 x 13 cm