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Dutch Clouds

I love the cloudscapes of the painter van Ruisdael (Haarlem 1628-1682)…The most beautiful days, as far as I am concerned, are those when the clouds move like ships along a clear blue sky. All colors of white and gray pass by, each cloud with a unique shape.

During one of my walks, I suddenly knew how to “capture” these cloudscapes in porcelain. A time of trial casting, color tests and firing tests followed. With the final result being the work “Dutch Clouds. The bowls are too fragile for daily use, although they are very strong (porcelain) they seem fragile because they are so thin. They are beautiful to hang on the wall, the three of them in different shapes and colors or in combination with the plates you might have already collected (or inherited from your aunt, like the Makkumer plates I inherited from my aunt Jeanne). Each Dutch Cloud comes with a hook on the back for easy hanging.

Cast Bone China porcelain. This type of porcelain becomes transparent when fired high (1260 C). Because the outer edges of the bowls are very thin, the white bowls have transparent edges. You can see this when you hold them up to the light. The gray bowls are colored with special pigments (through and through), therefore they have no transparent edges.

Each bowl is unique because I pour them by hand and make new clay. I do not weigh the pigments precisely but make the colors by eye.

Size at widest point: approximately 22cm, 11cm, 9cm, 7.5cm